Tessa Dawn
Blood Vengeance, Blood Curse Vampire Series #7

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Tiffany spun on her heel and walked as briskly as she could without running out of the parlor, toward her office. She had to get away, if only for a moment. She had to gather her wits and collect her thoughts. Maybe it was just the entire situation, the Blood Moon, the inherent apprehension she felt as a human female in the presence of so many powerful, dangerous males, but at that moment, she was certain she had just stumbled into a den of hungry lions—and it was more than she could take.

Ramsey was close on her heels.

In fact, he caught up to her in the hall before she had a chance to step into her office. “Hey,” he called brusquely, his voice no longer reflecting any humor or light-heartedness. “Blondie, stop.”