Tessa Dawn
Zanaikeyros: Son of Dragons, Pantheon of Dragons #1

Pantheon of Dragons

What would you be willing to sacrifice for a chance to live…and love…forever?

To be healthy, perfect, and whole?

Would you accept vampiric-dragons as brothers; ancient lords as masters; demons and shadow-walkers as enemies? Would you enter the sacred Temple of Seven and submit to rebirth…by fire?

PANTHEON OF DRAGONS: where love requires valor, and valor demands the soul.

Pantheon of Dragons Backstory

Before time was a recognized paradigm, seven dragon lords created a parallel primordial world for their glory…and their future offspring. They harnessed seven preternatural powers from seven sacred stones and erected the Temple of Seven beyond the hidden passage of a mystical portal that would lead back and forth between Earth and the Dragons Domain. And finally, they set about creating a race of beings—the Dragyr—that would exist on blood and fire, and they gifted their progeny with unimaginable powers, unearthly beauty, and immortal life.

For all of this, the dragon lords required only one thing: absolute and unwavering obedience to the Four Principal Laws

I. Thou shalt pledge thy eternal fealty to the sacred Dragons Pantheon.
II. Thou shalt serve as a mercenary for the house of thy birth by seeking out and destroying all pagan enemies: whether demons, shadows, or humans.
III. Thou shalt feed on the blood and heat of human prey in order to reanimate your fire.
IV. Thou shalt propagate the species by siring dragyri sons and providing The Pantheon with future warriors. In so doing, thou shalt capture, claim, and render unto thy lords whatsoever human female the gods have selected to become dragyra. And she shall be taken to the sacred Temple of Seven—on the tenth day, following discovery—to die as a mortal being, to be reborn as a dragon’s consort, and to forever serve the sacred pantheon.

And so it came to pass that seven sacred lairs were erected in the archaic domain of the dragons in order to house the powerful race begotten of the ancient gods, each lair in honor of its ruling dragon lord:

Lord Dragos, Keeper of the Diamond
Lord Ethyron, Keeper of the Emerald
Lord Saphyrius, Keeper of the Sapphire
Lord Amarkyus, Keeper of the Amethyst
Lord Onyhanzian, Keeper of the Onyx
Lord Cytarius, Keeper of the Citrine
& Lord Topenzi, Keeper of the Topaz

While a dragyri may appear to be human, he is not.
While a dragyra may appear to belong to her mate, she does not.
While the Dragyr may be fierce, invincible, and strong, they are never truly free…

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