Tessa Dawn
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The Characters

The House of Jadon

Nathaniel Jozef Silivasi ~ BLOOD DESTINY

Bold, defiant, and fiercely protective, this Ancient Master Warrior is destined by the Blood Moon, Cassiopeia. He is one-thousand years old and the twin of Kagen Silivasi.

Nathaniel is considered to be straight-forward, fierce when angered, and highly-skilled as a warrior. He is loved and respected by those who know him.

Marquis Silivasi ~ BLOOD AWAKENING

Proud, stubborn, and often brutal, this Ancient Master Warrior is destined by the Blood Moon Draco (the Dragon). He is fifteen-hundred years old, and as the firstborn of the Silivasi family, his dark twin was sacrificed at birth.

Marquis is often thought to be emotionally troubled. He is sometimes cruel and socially inept, yet he is deathly loyal to his family. Although he always commands with an iron fist, there is more to Marquis than meets the eye.

Lord Napolean Mondragon ~ BLOOD POSSESSION

Powerful, fierce, and wise, the sovereign monarch of the house of Jadon is an Ancient Master Justice whose destiny is tied to the Blood Moon, Andromeda. Over 2800 years old, he is the oldest—and only remaining—male from the time of the Blood Curse. He has no twin or living relatives.

Napolean rules with supreme authority…and for good reason. Extremely dangerous, he is feared by all, yet he is also deeply respected for his shrewd mind and evenhandedness. His prowess in battle is legendary.

Nachari Silivasi ~ BLOOD SHADOWS

Intelligent, mischievous, and somewhat arrogant, this Master Wizard is linked to his destiny by the Blood Moon, Perseus (the Victorious Hero). He is five-hundred years old and the twin of the slain warrior, Shelby.

Perhaps the only thing larger than Nachari’s heart is his ability to decipher mysteries. Despite his even temper and laid-back nature, his kindness should never be mistaken for weakness.

Kagen Silivasi ~ BLOOD FATHER

The twin of Nathaniel Silivasi, Kagen is a one-thousand year old Ancient Master Healer whose destiny is linked to the Blood Moon, Auriga (the Charioteer). He is reliable, skilled, and good-natured until he is…not.

Often considered by his brothers to be a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, Kagen is immensely patient until he is pushed too far. Once angered, he can be treacherous and without mercy.

Braden Bratianu

Destined by the Blood Moon, Moniceros (the Unicorn), Braden is a fifteen year old fledgling, the first ever converted from human to vampire. He is desperate to impress the ancient vampires and eager to prove that he is no longer a child. Unfortunately, his repeated attempts to gain acceptance usually end in disaster.

As Nachari’s protégé, Braden appears to be a hopeless project. However, things are not always as they seem: This is one adolescent who should not be underestimated.


The House of Jaegar ~ the Dark Ones

Valentine Nistor

Born to the dark house of Jaegar, Valentine Nistor is a nine-hundred year old vampire without conscience, reason, or remorse. His lethal nature is only surpassed by his brazen disregard for rules; he has an insatiable appetite for danger.

There is nothing Valentine would not do—and no one he would not hurt—to destroy a son of Jadon.

Salvatore Rafael Nistor

As Valentine’s older and shrewder brother, this ancient Dark One is potentially even more cunning and deadly than his younger sibling. He is a twelve-hundred year old sorcerer, trained in the dark arts, and unlike Valentine, he is patient enough to lie in wait for the enemy.

With a coveted council seat in the house of Jaegar, Salvatore does not hesitate to use or abuse his position to further his own agenda.

Saber Alexiares ~ BLOOD REDEMPTION

Stolen at birth from the house of Jadon, Saber Alexiares was raised for eight-hundred years in the Dark Ones’ Colony.

He is arrogant, wrathful, and deadly: a "Dark One" who would challenge the devil himself for a place in hell. He is afraid of nothing. He is beholden to no one. And he lives to feed his dark appetites. As intelligent as he is cruel, he is a dangerous adversary.

However, as the name of his book implies, there is more to Saber’s journey than first meets the eye.

The women of Dark Moon Vale ~ the Destinies

Jocelyn Levi

Chosen by Cassiopeia, this beautiful homeland security agent is smart, competent, and courageous. She knows who she is and is willing to fight for her independence. As an only child who grew up in foster care, she is empathetic but careful with her heart. She has an over-developed sixth sense and a powerful will to survive.

Ciopori Demir

Classy, elegant, and unassuming, Ciopori Demir is fundamentally connected to the ancient history of the Vampyr. Her blood is both royal and celestial, placing her in a rare and important position among all the players in Dark Moon Vale.

Vanya Demir

This ancient beauty is as savvy as she is proud. Born to greatness, her sense of duty is powerful. Unfortunately, the world in which she finds herself is decidedly out of step with the world she came from. Finding a place within it will not be easy.

Kristina Riley

Kristina Riley is a street-wise human who is nursing some very deep wounds. As a teenage runaway, she was saved by a son of Jadon from the clutches of a Dark One; as a result, she grew up around the Vampyr. She is defensive, slow to trust, and speaks her mind without censor, often to her own detriment.

Brooke Adams

Brook Adams is smart, practical, and driven. Careful to stay one step ahead of her tragic past, she pours all of her energy into her career. Her quick wit and heartfelt humor make her as loveable as she is talented, but it is her inability to rely on others that will challenge her in Dark Moon Vale.

Deanna Dubois

Deanna Dubois is artistically talented and undeniably brave. In fact, her courage is only surpassed by her intuition and instinctive good judgment. However, Dark Moon Vale is a world unlike any she has ever known: Learning to trust her inner voice will be her greatest challenge.

Arielle Nightsong

Raised in Mhier as a slave to the lycans, this fiercely independent woman is as strong as she is vulnerable. As a member of the rebel resistance, she is determined to remain free at all costs. As a destiny to an immortal vampire, she will have to learn how to open her heart.