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Frequently Asked Questions

About writing, the books, and the series:

Q. What is the reading order of the books?

(Prequel) Blood Genesis
#1 Blood Destiny
#2 Blood Awakening
#3 Blood Possession
#4 Blood Shadows
#5 Blood Redemption
#6 Blood Father
#7 Blood Vengeance
#8 Blood Ecstasy
#9 Blood Betrayal (not yet released)

Q. When will the next book be released?

The moment I have a firm release date, I post it everywhere, especially on social media. Unfortunately, I rarely have an exact date until 1-3 months out. If you would like to receive an email notification with each new releases (usually the same day the book comes out), please sign up for my mailing list. It’s on the CONTACT page of this website. Thanks!

Q. How many books will there be in the series?

Oh, if I only knew! LOL

In all honesty, I rarely plan my stories or my books ~ I simply follow where the characters and stories lead. As long as there are fresh new stories waiting to be told, I’ll probably continue. However, each book must have its own, unique theme, present a different take on the Curse, and inspire me to want to write it. Each character must have a full-length story that warrants a separate book. If I were guessing, I would probably say more than seven…but less than ten.

But that would just be a guess.

I have also entertained the possibility of a break-off series, perhaps utilizing the houses of Jadon & Jaegar, the celestial gods and dark lords, or the Romanian University. We’ll see what the future holds.

Q. Do you have free ARCS or galleys available for review?

Sadly, I do not. In terms of pre-release titles, it just isn’t feasible. In terms of already-released titles, it’s an ethical concern: I try to avoid giving anything in exchange for a review in order to keep all opinions honest, ethical, and written from the heart (without the “appearance” of incentive or exchange.) However, I do host frequent giveaways & contests for readers, so be sure to check on Facebook and Twitter for announcements.

Q. What is Dark Fantasy, and how is it different from Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance?

In order to answer this question, I’m going to greatly over-simplify a couple of terms, so bear with me:

Romance: Boy meets girl. They overcome conflict; fall in love; and ultimately live happily ever after. The relationship is the driving theme of the book.

Horror: An evil being (monster, killer, bad-guy) preys on other characters who struggle to survive. Scaring the reader is the purpose of the book.

Paranormal: Something above and beyond what is normal. This could be the characters, the world, or the themes.

Fantasy: An alternate world, place, or time…something fantastical. Think “world-building.”

Urban Fantasy” ~ the story takes place in an urban environment.

Dark Fantasy” ~ it explores the shadow nature of man, good vs. evil, and motivations of the soul.

By definition, Dark Fantasy is a sub-genre of horror, so the scenes will be more graphic, and the consequent emotions may be more intense.

The Blood Curse Series (BCS) is Dark Fantasy with strong romantic elements. Some might even consider it Gothic Romance (the same genre as Bram Stoker’s Dracula). In other words, there are powerful, enduring relationships between the characters, but the world-building is the main theme: how the vampires live, the society they’ve created, and the Curse that rules both houses. Not only does BCS explore the shadow nature of man, as well as good vs. evil, but it relies upon a fantastical world and supernatural creatures to do so. All of the genres I’ve mentioned may utilize humor, suspense, and love as part of their story arcs ~ BCS does this as well.

Oh, and one last, critical difference between the genres is word-count. A “typical” PRN is between 80,000-90,000 words. A typical fantasy is between 105,000-115,000 words – world building takes time.☺

Q. Would you mind taking a look at my story or manuscript?

Unfortunately, I can’t. Due to legal reasons and time constraints, it’s just not a good idea. While I love meeting other authors – and I especially love connecting with other aspiring writers – I honestly don’t feel as if I’m qualified to critique another’s work. To that end, I would highly recommend a content editor or a writers’ group: There are some incredibly talented folks out there who love to help writers build new careers. And they’re really, really good at it!

Far better than me.☺

Q. Do you have any advice for writers?

First, believe in yourself and NEVER give up. There is no “one way” or “single formula” that works for all writers! Be yourself, and write from a place of passion or inspiration (as opposed to trying to cater to the “market.”) Your reader will feel what you feel, so write the book you most want to read! And avoid negativity at all costs.

Next, recognize that writing is a “developed skill” (like playing the piano, learning how to build a house, or becoming a doctor) – regardless of how much natural talent one may have, it takes a LOT of hard work, dedication, and practice. Yes, there’s a bit of luck involved as well, but learn all you can about the various elements of fiction: dialogue, characterization, POV, pacing, and grammar, etc. Read books on the various topics; take classes; and practice, practice, practice. All writers are constantly evolving, so start where you are…and work hard to get better. Oh, and take advantage of professional editors.

Seriously: do that.

Last, read everything you can get your hands on in the genre(s) that you love, and then write like a maniac. Never, ever stop.

Q. Are you working on anything else?

Yes, I am currently working on a Dragon Trilogy ~ no release date to announce as of yet. I would also love to try my hand at horror.

We’ll see what happens.☺

About Dark Moon Vale

Q. What is the house of Jadon?

Like "Caine & Abel," all male vampires ultimately come from one of two ancestors: Prince Jadon or Prince Jaegar. The house of Jadon refers to the descendants of Jadon. These vampires are predators by nature, but they do possess a conscience.

Q. What is the house of Jaegar? (The Dark Ones)

Like "Caine & Abel," all male vampires ultimately come from one of two ancestors: Prince Jadon or Prince Jaegar. The house of Jaegar refers to the descendants of Jaegar. These vampires are wholly evil and do not have destinies or a conscience.

Q. What is a destiny?

A human female chosen by the gods to be the mate of a male vampire.

Q. Does every male vampire have a twin?

No. All vampires are born as twins, however, one of the two, first-born sons must be sacrificed, leaving his brother alone.

Q. What are the four mercies?

When Prince Jadon & Prince Jaegar were cursed (the original Blood Curse), Prince Jadon begged for mercy and was given four special privileges:

These mercies were extended to all of his descendants (the house of Jadon); however, they do not apply to the descendants of Prince Jaegar.

Read the Original Blood Curse ...

Q. What is a Blood Moon, and why does every vampire have a different one?

Much like the human body "houses" a soul, the male vampire "houses" a Celestial god or goddess, one who has chosen the vampire from birth (such as Cassiopeia, Andromeda, or Orion). The vampire belongs to that deity, and the deity chooses his mate.

When it is time for a vampire's mate to be revealed, his deity's Blood Moon appears in the heavens. Again, this only applies to the males from the house of Jadon.