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“Love letter to Blood Curse fans…” ~ Kirkus Reviews


“Fans of Dawn’s steamy paranormal series will feel like she’s delivered the main course in this latest installment. Nimble prose and pacing also help new readers learn her detailed world…Tantalizing mentions of prior events deepen the series’ narrative and show that Dawn intends for her cast to continuously evolve.”


An extraordinarily well written novel

Midwest Book Review
Julie Summers

An extraordinarily well written novel…a truly impressive addition…{with} engaging plot twists, memorable characters, and solid entertainment from beginning to end. Very highly recommended.


Fan Reviews of Blood Father



Blood Father is the epic story of the Blood Curse Series. 480 years have gone by since the Silvasi brothers experienced tragedy like no other, losing both their beloved parents to the Lycans, the vampires biggest enemies. Not until Saber enters the house of Jadon does the most important information the SIlvasi brothers will ever hear come to light, that their father was taken prisoner by the Lycans 480 years ago…Coming together for the most epic mission in their lives, the Silvasi brothers must muster the strength and courage to try to rescue their father. Filled with chaos, emotion, love, and of course a blood moon, Blood father takes you into the soul of Kagen, the master healer who has been a mystery to us all, the bond of a family, giving you a much needed in-depth look at the dynamics of the Silvasi brothers connection, and into the life of a slave turned warrior, a woman whose courage and heart has stolen the love of a father she never thought she could have. Tessa Dawn once again straps you into an emotional rollercoaster, taking you loop for loop through heart ache, pain, fear, and joy that could only be deserving of the purest souls. This page turning novel will have you wanting to laugh, cry, and even put the book down, which I had to do countless times, just to remember to breathe while riding along with the Silvasi borthes through the most critical, dangerous, and rewarding mission of their lives.


Blood Father Fan Quotes

"“I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Blood Father is the best in the series!” LE"

"“Can’t put it down!” ~ MP"

"“{Tessa's} sophisticated writing style, coupled with fabulous world-building and solid story lines, make the Blood Curse Series a MUST NOT MISS!” C. Sands"

"“I give this 5 stars.” ~ Bookworm"

"“I absolutely adore JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan and many other wonderful storytellers, and I can honestly say that this is one the best and most enchanting books I have ever read!” ~ ltr"

"“Another Winner! The best installment to date.” (AC)"

"“I hope it never ends!” DO"

""If Bram Stoker were around, I bet the #bloodcurseseries would be his must read." TR"

"“Another hit for Tessa Dawn.” ~ P.L.A."

"“Tessa Dawn is the bees knees…the cat’s meow….I could go on and on and on…she’s awesomesauce.” CP"

"“Epic.” ~ MT"

"“Another wonderful read.” ~ MD"

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